We love Small Businesses

Did you know that 70% of small businesses are owned and operated by one person? One badass person!! 

Here at Jade Coast we love to promote and help out those special small businesses that keep the world going. 

There are so many talented people out there and when they take that talent to the next level and include us in it, we should take every opportunity to encourage and promote that. 

Every large corporation started out small and simple, so keep the hope alive. We'll help get you there. 

Starting out can be challenging and overwhelming. So, if you are interested in starting a small business and feel lost, feel free to join our tribe and we'll gladly take you in and help you with resources and encouragement. 

A few of our small business vendors include: Three Little Tots, Hadley Wren, Itzy Ritzy, Avenue Zoe, Prep Obsessed, Peach Socks, Another Studio, and N3 Decor. 

As we grow we will continue supporting and buying from these small business so that we can all grow together. There's enough of the pie for everyone. 

If you have a small business vendor that you recommend, email us or leave it in a comment below! 


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